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Continental, OH 45831

High School Office - 419.596.3871
Elementary Office - 419.596.3860
Superintendent's Office - 419.596.3671 
Fax - 419.596.3861 

District News

December 21-29: NO SCHOOL - Christmas Break
January 1st: NO SCHOOL - New Year's Day


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  • National Recognition for Continental High School

Continental High School was recently named a Bronze Medalist for the third consecutive year by US News & World Report as part of their annual rankings of high schools throughout the country. To take a look at the ranking, click here.

  • Annual Notices

As required by law parents, students, community members may refer to any of the annual notices listed.  You may visit the following link (http://www.neola.com/continental-oh) to locate each item below:

Civil Rights compliance officer 286-2238 (policy 2260 F8 2260.01A F3);

Nondiscrimination in education (policy 2260); Nondiscrimination in employment (policy 3122/4122); Genetic Information (policy 3122.02/4122.02); Parent Involvement Policy (policy 2111/2261.01/2261.02); Parent’s right to request educational program and staff info for each school receiving title I funds (policy 2261.01); Student’s diagnostic assessment, results and documents used (policy 2623.02); Directory Information (policy 8330 F9); Drug Prevention (policy 5530 F2); Bullying Policy (policy 5517.01);

Positive behavior intervention, limited use of restraints and seclusion (policy 5630.01); Federal Drug Regulations (policy 3122.01F3/4122.01 F3); Toxic Hazards (policy 8431 F4); Hepatitis B new Staff (policy 8453.01 F1/F4); Blood-borne pathogens (policy 8431/AG8431A); Pesticide application (policy P8431/AG8431A); Physician/Parent/Staff authorization for respirator (policy 7430 F1, F2, F3); Entry on school grounds (policy 9150); Student Privacy (policy 2416/ form 8330 F9); Notice to each enrolled student and his/her parent of procedures to be used to notify parents in the event of an emergency or serious threat to safety; Non-emergency physical exams (policy 5310/ form 8330 F9); Inspection of instructional materials; & Notice of opportunity for parents to review textbooks, reading lists, instructional materials, and academic curriculum used in the district (policy 9130, 2416, 5780, form 9130 F4); Inspect, review, and request amendments to student educational records (policy 8330 form 8330 F9); Address where parents and students can file complaint if they believe their rights under Federal law have been violated (form 8330 F9); Prohibition on carrying a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance in school safety zone (policy 3217, 4217, 5772, 7217); Public records (policy 8310); FMLA (policy 3430.01/4430.01); Health Plan (AG 3419.01/4419.01); Employee notification of USERRA rights; Fair Labor Standards Act (policy 6700); Rebuttable presumption (policy 3170/4170); Standards of Ethical Assessment/security Procedures (AG 2623D); Required Postings: (3362, 4362, 5517, 5517.01, 7440.01, 5610, 5601.01, 5601.04, 5601,05, 5611, 5771, 9160):

Recommended by Board Policy or Districts AG’s:

Emergency Medical Authorization (policy 5341 F1, 3160, F1/4160 F1); Parent Signatures authorizing student early dismissal (form 5231 F1, 8330 F4); Military Recruiters (form 8330 F9a); Interscholastic athletics (form 2431 F1/F2); Receipt of concussion and head injury by ODH (form 2431); Annual Review of district wellness policy & Annual review of Food/Nutrition Services (policy 8510); Authorization of student trips (form2340 F2/F2A); Waivers and Fees (policy 6152.01); Verification of insurance coverage (form 8760 F1); Blood-borne pathogens (form 8453.01 F5); Supervision/health/safety matters (policy/AG 3213/4213); Board Policy (student/parent handbook)




Cafeteria Prices 

K-6 Lunch--------------------$2.40
7-12 Lunch-------------------$2.90
Ala Carte Plate Lunch-----$3.25
K-12 Reduced Lunch------$0.40
Adult Lunch-------------------$3.75 
K-12 Breakfast---------------$1.75
K-12 Reduced Breakfast--$0.30

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