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  • Superintendent Recognized

The Ohio School Nutrition Association recently name current Continental Superintendent Joel Mengerink as Ohio's Most Valuable Superintendent for the 2015-16 school year during their annual conference held in Akron.  Mr. Mengerink was nominated by Diana Ordway for his support to nutrition services, and his belief in the role that nutrition plays in student's educational success.

  • National Recognition for Continental High School

Continental High School was recently named a Bronze Medalist for the third consecutive year by US News & World Report as part of their annual rankings of high schools throughout the country. To take a look at the ranking, click here.

  • 2016-17 Student Fees:
    • K-6 --------------------------------- $50.00
    • 7th Grade (in band) ---------- $27.50
    • 7th Grade (not in band) ---- $42.50
    • 8th Grade (in band) ---------- $16.50
    • 8th Grade (not in band) ---- $31.50
    • HS Students ------------------- See class schedules when released
  • New Vaccination Requirements

According to new Ohio Department of Health rules, all students who will be 7th graders during the 2016-17 school year are required to have a dose of the Tdap and Meningitis vaccines prior to entry into the 7th grade.  Those students who will be seniors next year are required to have a Meningitis vaccine if they have not had one since they turned 16.  Letters are being sent home with students that further explains this to parents/guardians.

  • Annual Notices
As required by law parents, students, community members may refer to any of the annual notices listed.  You may visit the following link (http://www.neola.com/continental-oh) to locate each item below:
Civil Rights compliance officer 286-2238 (policy 2260 F8 2260.01A F3);
Nondiscrimination in education (policy 2260); Nondiscrimination in employment (policy 3122/4122); Genetic Information (policy 3122.02/4122.02); Parent Involvement Policy (policy 2111/2261.01/2261.02); Parent’s right to request educational program and staff info for each school receiving title I funds (policy 2261.01); Student’s diagnostic assessment, results and documents used (policy 2623.02); Directory Information (policy 8330 F9); Drug Prevention (policy 5530 F2); Bullying Policy (policy 5517.01);
Positive behavior intervention, limited use of restraints and seclusion (policy 5630.01); Federal Drug Regulations (policy 3122.01F3/4122.01 F3); Toxic Hazards (policy 8431 F4); Hepatitis B new Staff (policy 8453.01 F1/F4); Blood-borne pathogens (policy 8431/AG8431A); Pesticide application (policy P8431/AG8431A); Physician/Parent/Staff authorization for respirator (policy 7430 F1, F2, F3); Entry on school grounds (policy 9150); Student Privacy (policy 2416/ form 8330 F9); Notice to each enrolled student and his/her parent of procedures to be used to notify parents in the event of an emergency or serious threat to safety; Non-emergency physical exams (policy 5310/ form 8330 F9); Inspection of instructional materials; & Notice of opportunity for parents to review textbooks, reading lists, instructional materials, and academic curriculum used in the district (policy 9130, 2416, 5780, form 9130 F4); Inspect, review, and request amendments to student educational records (policy 8330 form 8330 F9); Address where parents and students can file complaint if they believe their rights under Federal law have been violated (form 8330 F9); Prohibition on carrying a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance in school safety zone (policy 3217, 4217, 5772, 7217); Public records (policy 8310); FMLA (policy 3430.01/4430.01); Health Plan (AG 3419.01/4419.01); Employee notification of USERRA rights; Fair Labor Standards Act (policy 6700); Rebuttable presumption (policy 3170/4170); Standards of Ethical Assessment/security Procedures (AG 2623D); Required Postings: (3362, 4362, 5517, 5517.01, 7440.01, 5610, 5601.01, 5601.04, 5601,05, 5611, 5771, 9160);
Recommended by Board Policy or Districts AG’s:
Emergency Medical Authorization (policy 5341 F1, 3160, F1/4160 F1); Parent Signatures authorizing student early dismissal (form 5231 F1, 8330 F4); Military Recruiters (form 8330 F9a); Interscholastic athletics (form 2431 F1/F2); Receipt of concussion and head injury by ODH (form 2431); Annual Review of district wellness policy & Annual review of Food/Nutrition Services (policy 8510); Authorization of student trips (form2340 F2/F2A); Waivers and Fees (policy 6152.01); Verification of insurance coverage (form 8760 F1); Blood-borne pathogens (form 8453.01 F5); Supervision/health/safety matters (policy/AG 3213/4213); Board Policy (student/parent handbook)


Cafeteria Prices 

K-6 Lunch---------------------$2.35
7-12 Lunch--------------------$2.85
Ala Carte Plate Lunch----$3.00
K-12 Reduced Lunch------$ .40
Extra Milk----------------------$ .60
K-12 Breakfast--------------$1.50
K-12 Reduced Breakfast--$.30

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